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A little Sarah/Jareth ditty I’m working on now. >3

This is going to be choppy to say the least until I get the whole theme of the story sorted out. At the moment, and just so you know where this little sneaky peak is coming from, the story is going to be about Jareth getting kidnapped and forced into being a slave for a mystical sexual desires club. Sarah is brought in to rescue him but as she infiltrates the perverse lair, she finds her desire of being with the Goblin King slowly becoming a reality…

The men were brought in chained together in two rows. Sarah found as she scanned the lines, every single one of them were stark naked. Sarah quickly adverted her gaze to hide the small blush she had. Hoping to find Jareth she scanned the rows quickly and soon spotted his blonde mane perking up in the middle of the second row. The slave keeper soon came in and started barking insults at the men and whipping them randomly. The woman noticed her slight discomfort and her whispered into her ear, "They’re all so handsome aren’t they? Are you going to take more than one?" Sarah swallowed the anxiety down and shook her head. "I think I’ll just take one. Can…can I go out and see them?" The woman smiled and gestured towards the men. "Go on, go on! They’re here for your pleasure. Touch, feel, you can even see them punished again if you want." Sarah staggered down the stone steps and onto the floor. Many of the slaves met her eyes with lusty glances, some averted her at all costs. The men seemed to range from young teens to their elder years. She’d stop once in awhile and caress an arm or a light grope of the ass of a slave. She soon found herself standing in front of Jareth. His amulet that she wore under her layers of clothing warmed against her skin. Unknowingly, she touched her chest and felt the amulet as she circled him. Even stark naked and chained, he stood with his typical arrogance. Sarah barely could contain herself as her eyes fell to his very impressive sex. It took Sarah a moment to realize she had been standing there staring for some time before she looked back up at the Goblin King’s face. He adverted her gaze and glared blankly ahead. She grabbed his chin and forced him to look at her. He pierced her gaze for a moment before jerking out of her grip. The slave master quickly rushed over. "Did I say you could move?!" He brought the whip down upon his back and Jareth flinched slightly. The sound of the whip striking his flesh sent a sexual jolt through Sarah and she gasped. She turned to the slave master. "This one. I’ll take him."The slave master roughly took hold of Jareth’s wrists as he unhooked the cuffs. He rubbed at his sore wrists before giving a slight hiss as a collar was placed around his neck. The slave master gave Sarah the chain that was connected to Jareth and he motioned for her to follow him. Sarah pulled on the chain and it took a bit of persuasion for Jareth to finally start walking. As they made their way down the corridor, Sarah couldn’t help but smile as she actually had Jareth under her power. The amulet burned hotter on her the skin the closer he got to her and she uncomfortably tugged at her coat. The slave master eventually led them to a door and when he opened it, Sarah found herself in what looked like a medieval torture room. There was a regal bed in the corner and lots of chains, whips, and crops lining the walls. Sarah’s heart beat fast as she saw what looked like Jareth’s crop hanging from the wall and slab of stone with the handcuffs mounted on it. Wicked ideas were assaulting her from every which way of her brain. A tap on her shoulder broke her from thoughts. The slave master held a key in his hand. "This be the key to unlock his choker. This key will also work for all of the chains and handcuffs as well. If you need anything, just press this button and servants will be here to serve you. Many pleasures, milady." The slave master quickly shut the door and left her and Jareth alone in the room. She turned and faced Jareth. Sarah realized just how sexy he looked in the choker and chain. With a huff he asked, "Is it permitted to move?" Sarah shook her head yes and he relaxed and placed his hands on his hips. Once again, Sarah had to swallow her smile. He always did look cute when he was pissed. She looked at the key in her hand and then to the wall containing the whips and crops and finally to the handcuffed slab. A grin came to her face. She left him to stand there and retrieved the crop that most resembled his. Slapping it once, she began to recite the lines she had heard so many years before…"I ask for so little. Just fear me, love me…" she turned and slapped the crop again as she advanced on him, "Do as I say, and I guess, the tables have turned, for you, are my slave.” 

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