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Another tidbit of the Nasty Jack Fic

Lydia soon found herself being spun around and slammed against the wall roughly. He whispered close to her, “Well, Miss Bitch, you are quite the wild one. I enjoy my women with that kind of attitude.” He then ground himself into her backside and ran a hand up the side of her dress and groped her breast. “Mmm, so nice and firm. Maybe I’ll start by sucking on those sweet tits of yours.”He licked his lips and smiled. Lydia shut her eyes tight as his hand moved away to the back of her dress. He retrieved his knife from the wall and little by little, he cut the strings, exposing her bare back to him. Pushing the dress down her shoulders he took the blade and drew a line straight up her spine. Lydia whimpered as she felt the knife glide up her back with goose bumps following. “You’re as smooth as a newborn brat’s skin. Let’s see if everything else is just as silky smooth.” He swiftly spun her around again and smirked as her breasts were presented to him. Jack made a sound like he was satisfied and once again, she felt his hands glide over her and start kneading her breasts. Jack chuckled as her body betrayed her as her breathing grew shallow and her nipples grew hard under his touch. “Well, aren’t you the little whore? I haven’t even done nothin’ but graze you and you’re already panting like a bitch in heat.” Those words stung and she opened her eyes and glared at him. “You’re one to talk, you sick bas-“Her breath hitched as he clamped his fingers over a nipple and started pinching. “I think I like you better with your pretty mouth closed.” He pinched harder as Lydia rose to her tiptoes and fought the moan that was rising in her chest as breathless pants came out. Jack told hold of the moment and forced his mouth upon hers. Surprised, she gasped as his tongue speared her mouth and began playing with hers. Not wanting to continue this she pushed her tongue to the back of her throat and bit down as hard as she could on his tongue. “DAMN YOU, BITCH!” Jack cursed and pushed himself away, grabbing his mouth. Lydia smiled and spat out his blood. Jack raised his hand and smacked her. The force sent her to the ground, sprawling. She immediately tried to crawl away but was stopped short as she saw the heel of his boot held her dress firmly to the ground. Jack rubbed his mouth and spat out the blood and glared down at her. “So, you like it rough, missy? Then that’s how we’re gonna play.” Reaching down, he ripped the rest of her dress off with ease. Lydia quickly moved to cover herself. Terrified, she looked up to see he now had rope in his hands. He knelt and grabbed her wrists and bound them together tightly. With the other rope he then tied her to one of the pillars supporting the saloon. Heart pounding, she desperately yanked at the rope. To no avail, she realized she was trapped. Jack stood back up and removed his hat and glasses revealing his piercing blue eyes. As he started removing his vest he sneered and said, “I tell you this, Miss Bitch, you WILL respect me by the time I’m through with you.”

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