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Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele photographed by Peter Hapak for Variety Emmy Studio.

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Dhani Harrison watching his father George Harrison on screen. (x)

i got chills and started crying oh my lord

Let’s make it a rule to reblog this every time it shows up on your dash- it’s just too beautiful not to reblog 

This is too beautiful. I love how George looks down and smiles in the video, kind of a “hey, I’m watching and I’m always here.” I still can’t get over how wonderful this is.


I saw fast the first gif and thought that was George Harrison, omg

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She also got me the top left poster or the second one on the third row. She said it would be a surprise. :D

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Ma got me my present from the Love store! Just look at them sweet, young babes!

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I switched cubicles with a coworker today

The dude behind the girl I switched with didn’t know that she was being moved and when he saw I was replacing her, folks the look on his face was priceless.

Never have I seen someone so disappointed in seeing me. I think it’s because the girl that sat in front of him was a 10 and I fall around a 5 on a good day.

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Jfc the TAGS

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The curls and dimples are so precious!

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Sometimes a picture of George while he’s speaking looks like he’s heavily spacing out. XD

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George Harrison, St. Katherine’s Dock, London, “Mad Day Out,” 28 July 1968 - photographed by Tom Murray

"I knew this was going to be a fabulous picture when I took it. It just captures George perfectly. He really was the quiet one. He didn’t chit-chat, and spent the whole day looking pensive. We’re down by the Thames here and the light reflecting off the water was lovely. It’s what we call a Kodak cloudy bright day. The sun was just peeking through the clouds. There’s a slight but distinctive tint to the photos because they were shot on Kodak Ektachrome." - Tom Murray
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"Excuse me, I think I’ve lost the ear bud somewhere in my forest of curls…..Would you believe me if I said this is not the first time this has happened?”

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those buttons look like they’re under a little strain…..

would it hurt to maybe pop the next two buttons open?

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i’m genuinely concerned that no one will fall in love with me

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I would give this to George and say, “hope it takes you away from this film or at least give you a ukulele to amuse yourself”

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The mystical magical powers of the Bulge are endless…