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Los Angeles (May 1988)

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Dark Horse (Early Take)
George Harrison
44 plays


The Soundcloud link of the Dark Horse early take (a bonus track on the Apple Years box set), which I posted the other day, was only available to people in the U.S., so here it is again. :) 

By the way, this isn’t the bootlegged demo which has been around for years. It’s never been released before.


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Nems office, 1964

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Raymond’s Revue Bar 1967

Now George, let’s not be too blatant about hiding that hard on. XD

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cheekbones so fucking fine there ought to be a bronzer named after them

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If only you knew how funny it gets when I look at 5 different profiles on eHarmony and EACH ONE has either “love working on cars” or “hobbies: muddin’” or even “favorite book: books are boring”

A dude actually listed his favorite book with 50 Shades of Grey

could not get the fuck out of that profile fast enough

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"you should come out with us to the redneck party tomorrow" says Dad

Hmmm, a day chock full of drunk rednecks in an area almost the size of Woodstock doing nothing but drinking, watching muddin’ competitions, country rock bands, and most likely out of control drunks on ATVs

I advised my dad that what he just listed is basically what I check off on my no-no list when looking at men’s profiles on dating websites. I don’t prefer southern men, that’s all.

Apparently I’m “closing doors” 

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Pretty fingers

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Oh I got something much better for you to suckle on, darlin’…

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god help me if did a slight lip bite.

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fuck it i ought to be saving money anyhow.

i’ll just buzz my undercut and paint my nails and shiNE MY BOOTS FINALLY JESUS IT’S BEEN LIKE THREE WEEKS SINCE I SAID I WAS GONNA DO THAT.

oh and play video games too i guess.


2nd, if I could spontaneously appear in your home, Id totally be down to hang. My nails haven’t seen a good painting in weeks.

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george harrison and bob dylans friendship is v important to me

george scaring the crap out of bob while secretly taping him play during the Wilbury Era is sacred.

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It’s International Talk Like A Pirate Day!!

Lets celebrate with a good hearty laugh with Pirate Bob! XD

It’s that time again! :D

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The mobile posting likes to just post shit on different blogs of mine

It seems to prefer I post stuff on forbiddenwords. :/

Then I have a meltdown because it’s not supposed to be there and slam the button on my phone furiously to delete it.

-sigh- Happy Friday